Team building is a way of helping a group of individuals to function as a cohesive unit, where members are valued, respected, and focused on a common set of goals, says David Greenberg, founder of www.teambuilding123.com. Team-building games can promote cooperation and communication, help establish a positive environment and — most importantly — provide a fun, much-needed reprieve from routine.

So, let’s take a reality check by answering the questions below. Are you a company that –
• Provides an environment to build a great camaraderie amongst its employees?
• Does things that earns a sustainable trust and respect from its people?
• Believe that motivated and happy staff is directly correlated to increased productivity?
• Gives an open culture for employees to feel a part of one big family without inhibitions?
Did you answer Yes to all the above? If so, you are in the right track and you are already reaping the benefits of a healthy organizational culture.
Do you know, the points mentioned above are the ones which made some companies the top 15 companies to work with in the UAE? It’s not the high salaries or bonuses or perks. Many of these companies have employee-focused initiatives that are designed to establish staff – employer connections. The best companies don’t necessarily offer the best salaries in the market.

There’s no secret that an ‘effective’ team building program inbuilt in a company’s culture can achieve the above. However, while choosing a team building program; it is necessary to be alert to the needs of your employees across sections. The program must not inhibit employees where they must speak about their fears or achievements or listen to boring lectures believing that the employees will learn new skills! These achieves nothing but rolling eyes from the employees.

Escape Games are one of the unique and mind challenging team building Games which has gained immense popularity in recent years amongst many well established corporates across the globe. The likes of Pepsi, Red Bull, McKinsey, Porsche, Google, Apple and many others have chosen Escape Games for their team building activities.

What makes them so unique and popular? That’s in our next blog…