Christmas Theme Escape Room Game for Corporates

It’s the time of the year when every part of you goes into a celebration mode. Almost the entire world is celebrating, it’s not limited to any one country or religion. As we say b-bye to the past year and welcome the new one, the whole world unites. There’s something so surreal and pure about this time of the year – that bitter sweet feelings of letting a year go and embracing a new one!

It’s not only individuals who goes through these emotions, but corporates too – and why not, after all a corporate is made of people and it gets its own character with the people that are in it JMany companies are looking to do something special for their teams giving that motivational boost for the next year and a sense of gratitude for the past year.

The idea of a company wanting to spare time and budget to celebrate with its employee, says a lot about the culture of that company. Whether you call it a team building event or just an office party, organizing anything which gets all employees come together and feel appreciated, useful as well as acknowledged, is a winning idea.

We recently were hired to organize a Christmas team building activity for a company in Jebel Ali, where 40 staff members showed enthusiasm and ingenuity in playing our Escape Game in the form of Escape the Box with a Christmas theme. Can’t say how much fun it was not only for the players, but also for us to organize such an event and see everyone having so many different perspectives on solving the game. Crazy, out of the box and bold ideas along with extraordinary team communication was the key to win the game.

With 96% of the staff giving a feedback of wanting to do it again, it’s a huge win for Brainscape Games too!

Cheers to you and your team!