Origin of Escape Rooms and why are they so popular?

The first Escape Room, the Crimson Room was created by Toshimitsu Takagi in 2004. Inspired by online Room Escape Games. This real version of Escape Room game got categorized as Real Life Escape Game.

People loved the idea of getting locked in a mystery room, not knowing what they are getting into and rummaging their way out of the room with their team mates in limited set time. The emotions that comes to the forefront by playing a Real-Life Escape Game are the same reasons why people love games.

Games has always been a huge need for humans giving a chance of social interaction, competition, uncertainty of outcome – all these emotions giving an adrenaline they can experience only with games.

With the first one that opened in 2004, the Escape Room industry has seen a spiraling growth all over the world with many Escape Games opening up even today across various parts of the world. Some of the countries such as Eastern Europe, USA, Russia were the first ones to catch the trend which then spread to cities like Dubai.

In Dubai, about 10 Room Escape Game companies have come up over a span of just 5 years. ‘Room Escape Games Dubai’ is now one of the highly-searched terms used amongst ‘things to do in Dubai’. Across the world there are tens of thousands of Escape Game Rooms with cities such as Budapest having become a hub of all things real-life Escape Room Games. And why not, Hungary is after all the father of all brain tricks including the Rubik’s cube!

If you are wondering, “why the hell Escape Rooms have become so crazily popular”, all we can say is, play one and you will want to do it again and again and again…