Get locked with your Boss!

Get locked with your Boss!

I know it sounds almost surreal, but your boss is a human. More than that he has a family, he plays outside with his kids, watches TV and buys bread and milk at the grocery just like you do.

He also counts the hours until the end of his working day, exchanges Facebook messages with his friends and wants to play on weekends.

So why don’t you invite him for some old good escape game?

I know it feels crazy to spend your day off with your boss, locked in a room with time running out.

He’ll most probably take the lead and start giving you his favourite baby talk “I respect your work, you are doing just perfect, but we need to change that”. And here you are, frustrated and locked with a man who bores you to death.

But what if not?

What if he turns out to be a chilled man with great sense of humour? What if he has this childish excitement about opening every drawer, searching for clues under sofa on his knees, climbing a ladder to peek in between the wardrobes?

Work is work, play is play.

Bring your boss to Brainscape Games for an Escape Game and let’s see.