Escape the mundane and bring freshness into your team once again.
Get trapped in one of our rooms… only to ESCAPE!

Our Live Escape game in Dubai is a fun team building activity idea, useful as ice breaker for training sessions, meetings, workshops, seminars, conferences or simply – office parties. BRAINSCAPE offers a mind refreshing team building challenge in Dubai – where teams get liberated!

As they say –
“Games, tricks and puzzles help team building, motivation, and warm up any gathering. Team building might be better achieved by arranging other things which appear to be unconnected to work”

 How it works

We offer 3 themed escape rooms for team building activity.

These escape rooms can accommodate 21 people simultaneously ‘Escaping’ in groups of 7 each.

After entering their rooms, participants will bring their ‘brains’ together to be the first team to ‘Escape’

After the ‘braindraline’ games, the ‘escaped’ teams shall chill out in our relaxed and casual meeting lounge where they will love to discuss about the last 60 minutes of whirlwind team building experience! This is also where new team BONDS will be built which will be hard to ‘Escape’!.

After all, what better way to know your colleagues than getting locked up with them!

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