The first Real Escape Game (REG) was developed by Japanese Takao Kato in 2008 and it was based in Kyoto.

A game creator and an avid manga fan, Kato told the press that he was “wondering why interesting things
didn’t happen in my life, like they did in the books,” I thought I could create my own adventure, a story, and then invite people to be a part of it.” The Escape Room had a single room and could be played by a team
consisting of 5 or 6 players.

Now escape rooms are all over the world. According to “MarketWatch statistics”, from 2010 and up to this day there are more than 2.800 permanent Escape Rooms worldwide. At Brainscape Games we give you the interesting things that you only read in the book or see on a movie, For example our Da vinci 

Just like Takao Kato the who came up with the first real escape game was curious to experience a live game, why not you? Technology has already taken something from us, its hardly possible to bond with our friends and family even at a dinner table we are all busy with our cell phone and no time to communicate, So why not
bond while you’re trying to escape? Escape Rooms create ways for players to directly connect with one another.

This is something that happens in Board Games, but Escape Rooms bring a whole unique experience as players distance themselves from a board with meeples and cards, entering a bodily fantasy world where they will find challenges and engagement breaks.

With the technology rising every moment we need more time to experience exciting things in real life and not online.. We are humans and not robots so let’s live life in its true action.