Ever Proposed a Girl in an Escape Room?

Ever Proposed a Girl in an Escape Room?

Let’s say you have been dating for quite a long time to realize she is the girl you won’t let go.

You have decided, “No more living separately, no more doubts, no more fears”; you decide to propose to her

But how do you do it? What does a girl want? Old style romance, proposing in front of family in a
chic restaurant?

Come on! This is Dubai and I am quite sure your girl has been to enough of restaurants and it will be
no different environment for her to remember forever!

Leave beetroot carpaccio, red wine and Frank Sinatra on the background for your first wedding
anniversary or just another romantic night to spend with your love.

Bring her to one of the escape rooms, hide little gifts for her behind a TV, in a closet or inside of a
vintage typing machine. Make her solve clue after clue, unlocking treasure boxes to get a final prize
– the special ring. Cooperate, have fun, be stupid and smart together.

There are few things that surprise you in Dubai, but the proposal at the Brainscape Games is
something neither of you will forget. For good.